Grain Improvers B.V. was founded in the Wageningen Food Valley, the Netherlands with the support of the StartLife business incubator and the East Netherlands Development Agency OostNl.

The goal of Grain Improvers B.V. is to help millers around the World to boost efficiency, preserve the Planet's climate and resources and make the food healthier.

To achieve this global goal, the founders of the company have been continuously since 2011 researching, developing and patenting the innovative product - Grain Improvers.

Grain Improvers is a completely new type of processing aid based on 100% natural Enzymes. The way of application is also completely new and simple. Grain Improvers are applied directly to Grain prior to grinding at Tempering providing unprecedented benefits during Flour production. The yield of quality Flour is increasing. Equipment productivity is increasing. Milling equipment is becoming more durable and economical. The effect of bread improvers is getting better. The quality of Bakery is improving. Flour becomes healthier.

The future of the flour millers has already arrived. Join by choosing your solution.