Grain Improvers (Solutions)

Grain Improvers is a complex of Enzymes the job of which is to facilitate Grain grinding and to improve the quality of Flour.

Cellulose of grain shells is the substrate for Enzymes’ action.

Grain improvers are applied in dry form by a simple in-line dispenser on wet grain at the stage of Tempering.

Grain Improvers soften and disintegrate Grain shells making them much more flexible than with standard way of Grain preparation for grinding with only water.

How does it work?

Grain Improvers get Endosperm better hydrated. Grain shells get separated from Endosperm effectively. Ash content goes down. Endosperm becomes less resistant to mechanical impact of milling equipment and becomes easier to grind, Flour particles size is optimized (not too coarse and not too fine), Starch degradation rate in Flour is optimized which is important for getting healthier high quality dough and bakery products (10-17 UCD, 5-9% AACC).

Grain Improvers stimulate the increase of high-quality Flour grades yield and production costs decrease.

Grain improvers are not the additives to Flour but processing aids used purely in Flour production process. That is why there is no need to mention them on packing. Thus “Clean label” competitive advantage is achieved.