With this product, millers also choose
Grain improvers for croissants and baguettes


Designed for premium Flour yield increase for croissants, baguets, toast bread and other costly bakery products.

Grinding effects:

  • tempering efficiency 7 times increase compared to standard (with only water) tempering;
  • exfoliation process effectiveness increase;
  • grain shells separation from Endosperm efficiency increase;
  • sifting effectiveness increase;
  • premium Flour yield increase;
  • Flour particles size optimization.

Effects in Flour:

  • water absorption capacity and stability increase (Farinograph);
  • rheological properties of Flour improvement (P, L, W – Alveograph);
  • color and whiteness improvement;
  • Ash content decrease;
  • Starch deformation rate optimization;
  • chemical additives to Flour decrease or rejection.
Effects in bakery products:  
  • bakery products amount increase;
  • off-spec production rate decrease;
  • bakery products volume increase;
  • crumb structure improvement;
  • bakery products color and taste improvement;
  • softness and freshness shelf life extension;
  • bakery products taste improvement.