Grain Improvers gently ground flour production solution helps to maximize the potential of the grain and minimize the negative impact on nature.

In a world full of uncertainties and a pandemic period followed by political and natural collapses, flour demand has remained stable or even grown during the last few decades. GRAIN IMPROVERS found a way to improve the performance of your flour with an easy-to-implement and use component that helps to receive a so-called gently ground flour - a completely natural product without synthetic additives.

Knowing the problems of millers and bakers as well as all stages of the grinding process, the scientists of GRAIN IMPROVERS created and patented enzyme compositions for grain conditioning that have already been implemented in 15 countries. It is provided in dry powder form, applied at the grain moistening stage, and drastically facilitates the separation of shells during grinding and makes the endosperm more evenly moistened and pliable for grinding.

Proven results have shown that this technology helps to receive high-quality flour with lower costs of raw materials. It also stands for meeting your customer demands and to increase your market share.

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